Trump Tax Plan: Huge Tax Cuts For The Rich & Big Corporations, Huge Loss Of Revenue

Washington, D.C. – Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund Executive Director Frank Clemente made the following statement about Donald Trump’s tax plan today.

“The emperor has no clothes. Despite all his populist talk that it’s ‘outrageous’ how little tax multimillionaires and ‘the hedge fund guys’ pay, Donald Trump’s tax plan is yet another giveaway to the super rich and big corporations. The top 1% will get a tax cut of $184,000 a year, while the bottom 20% will get a tax break of just $250, according to Citizens for Tax Justice. Trump’s tax giveaways will cost the American people more than $10 trillion over 10 years. That’s $10 trillion less for education, infrastructure, health care, retirement security, medical research and more. Continue reading →