Activists Deliver 427,000 Petitions Demanding Trump Release Taxes

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016, organization leaders and community members gathered outside of Trump Tower, the site of Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters, to call on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to release his tax returns, something that has been done by every major presidential nominee for the last four decades. They also condemned Trump’s tax plan that gives huge tax breaks to the wealthy and slashes the tax rate paid by corporations.

Nearly 427,000 people across the United States have signed a petition calling on Trump to release his tax returns. They want to know whether Trump has paid any federal income taxes at all in recent years, whether he’s paying a lower tax rate than working class families, what tax loopholes he is taking advantage of, how much he has actually donated to charity to benefit those in need, and how he will personally benefit from his tax plan that will lose $10 trillion in revenue and result in huge cuts to critical services, shrink the middle class, and increase runaway inequality.

“Donald Trump openly admits that he does everything he can to exploit the system to make more money, from making political contributions intended to curry favor to funding lobbyists and accountants who exploit every potential loophole in the tax code. Furthermore, it is ridiculous that Mr. Trump is proposing a tax plan in which wealthy people who invest in real estate and other markets will pay even lower taxes than they do now, all at the cost of regular Americans,” said Morris Pearl, Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires and former Managing Director at BlackRock, Inc.

“If Donald Trump wants to have a real, substantive dialogue about making America great it begins with him proving he is committed to shared prosperity and fairness, it begins with him proving he has paid his fair share. It begins when he releases his tax returns as EVERY Presidential Candidate has done for the past 40 years,” said Charles Khan, Organizing director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition

“Fair-share taxes built the Trump family fortune:  they built the parkways and financed the mortgages that allowed middle-class Americans to buy the homes and apartments that made Donald Trump’s grandmother and father rich.  We need to know if Donald Trump is going to hold up his end of the American economic bargain and pay his fair share to contribute to the prosperity of everyone — or if Trump is just in it for himself.  His tax returns will tell the truth — that’s why Americans need to see them,” said Mike Hink, Executive Director of the Strong Economy For All Coalition

“We are demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns. We are also demanding that Donald Trump, and other rich people like him, start paying their fair share of taxes. And that goes for big corporations too!,” said Frank Clemente, Executive Director of American for Tax Fairness Action Fund.

The collection of 427,000 petitions was led by CREDO Action, Daily Kos, AFL-CIO, Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund, Campaign for America’s Future, Courage Campaign, CPD Action, Deluge, Democracy for America, Left Action, National People’s Action Campaign, People Demanding Action, People for the American Way,, The Zero Hour, USAction,, and Working Families.

Event sponsors also include: Citizen Action of New York, Strong Economy for All Coalition, The Patriotic Millionaires, and United Federation of Teachers.

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