Despite New Questions of Russian Connections, Trump Continues to Refuse to Release Tax Returns

Washington, D.C. – Despite new allegations about Donald Trump’s business ties to Russia, Trump still refuses to release his federal tax returns, raising even more questions about what he is hiding.

Conservative columnist George Will raised the issue on Fox News, saying Trump refuses to release his tax returns because they may show “he is deeply involved in dealing with Russian oligarchs.”

Trump’s connections to Russia have been highlighted by the hack of DNC e-mails, which the FBI has determined was likely to have been originated in Russia.

This morning, interviewing Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell asked, “Does Russia have investments in Trump? Would Mr. Trump be willing to release his taxes to provide transparency on this issue?”

Once again, the Trump campaign refused to release Trump’s tax returns. Manafort responded, “Mr. Trump has said that his taxes are under audit and he will not be releasing them. It has nothing to do with Russia, it has nothing to do with any country other than the United States and his normal tax auditing process. That issue will be dealt with when the audits are done.”

The IRS has repeatedly said that an audit does not prevent a private citizen from releasing his own tax returns.

“What is Donald Trump hiding in his tax returns? Why is he so afraid to show them to the American people?” asked Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund Executive Director Frank Clemente. “Trump could easily shoot down the latest allegations of his connections to Russia by showing his tax returns, yet he continues to be the first presidential nominee in 40 years to refuse. The American people deserve to know what Trump is hiding.”

In May, Clemente wrote an open letter to Donald Trump asking Trump to release his tax returns and Clemente raised a number of questions about what is in them.


Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund is a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which is organized under 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. It should not be confused with Americans for Tax Fairness, a project of the New Venture Fund, organized under 501(c)(3) of the IRC. The 425 endorsing organizations that comprise Americans for Tax Fairness operate separately from the activities of Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund.

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